Dancing Colours Exhibition

Organised by Pukka Parties, Flow Dance Studio of Nine Elms hosted the Dancing Colours Exhibition on the 25th of May 2023, which featured the individual works of 10 young and very talented artists.

Dancing Colours Exhibition

The idea behind Pukka Parties’ collaboration with Flow Dance was to combine the two art forms of painting and dance. Because it is clear in our minds that young talents are not limited to one form, but talented young artists are often gifted in more than one field, so it is important to give them the opportunity and the right resources to explore and develop their abilities so that they can maximise their potential. The highlight of the exhibition was undoubtedly the fascinating use of paint-pouring techniques, a technique the young artists developed under the guidance of their teacher, the contemporary icon painter Oleg Yanushevsky, known for his soulful and stirring works, widely represented in Europe and Asia.

Pukka Parties invited a number of relevant parties in this field to meet these new talents and give them an idea of how their skills can be grown and where they can be directed. During the opening of the exhibition, there were presentations of the partners of the event — A&J Education and Flow Dance Studio, a Ballroom and Latin dance school.

Dancing Colours Exhibition

The exhibition reflected and accommodated a wide range of children’s enthusiasm for art and intellectual growth and is a fascinating concept for the new education and development platform Pukka Parties is aiming to create.

The theme of Dance and Art was portrayed in the young artists’ works through a fascinating liquid paint manipulation technique that the children mastered under the guidance of their teacher, the artist Oleg Yanushevsky. As the teacher noted: “Young talents are like flower buds — they need to be placed with the right care, in the right space and with enough attention so that they can achieve full beauty and public recognition”. In his paintings, Oleg Yanushevsky explores themes of identity, spirituality, and the human condition, challenging traditional notions. Unsurprisingly, the work of his students exudes a similar vision of life and movement.

The exhibition included works by children from different age groups, with paintings by very young artists, such as “Breakdance” by five-year-old Stepan Fedoseenko, and others, who have been attending art classes for years. Therefore, it was interesting to observe children’s creative quests – from bold and playful strokes of the youngest artists to sophisticated and nuanced compositions of older ones. Clearly, the exhibition showed the growth and potential of each child artist.

Dancing Colours Exhibition

Of course, every work also has its own story to tell. For example, Sofia Kazaryan’s painting “Prima”, depicting the silhouette of a ballerina, was made with a chalk blur effect, which… appeared by accident. The wet painting was once left outside in the rain. The drops of water flew with the wind, diluting the paint and resulting in this dreamy, delicate work. Sophia’s older brother eagerly asked to keep some of his sister’s paintings.

The work of another artist, Viktor Erenburg, has already become a beautiful stylistic addition to his parents’ home. The painting “Dancing Couple”, according to its author Andrey Erenburg, depicts “people with very different personalities dancing the tango”, and the young artist has succeeded brilliantly in conveying movement through the flowing colours. Beatrice Padhaiski’s “Friends” is about a touching and sincere childhood friendship, told using contrasting, bright round shapes over first, darker coats of paint.

Each artist was awarded a certificate for their individual achievements in this project. Danny Shkop’s work “Splash of Yellow and Blue in Flame” was highlighted for the dynamics of the composition, while Sofia Nesterenko’s painting “The Lyrical Planet” was awarded for the author’s creativity in using paints to create new colours. It was Sofia Nesterenko’s work that impressed participants of the event with its glowing neon shades.

Anna Kazaryan’s original piece “The GALAXRUSH” was not overlooked, which, despite its deviation from the general dance theme, was awarded a diploma for its balanced portrayal of the Milky Way. The remarkable composition “Two Happy Birds” by Katya Erenburg, which also went beyond the theme of dance, was highlighted for the lyrical colour combinations in her work. The work “Lady in Red” by Nika Sudoplatova received special attention and was announced as the most complete interpretation of the images of dance on canvas and became a kind of culmination of combining dance and painting.

The exhibition also encouraged collaboration and cultural exchange among all participants.

A performance by Flow Dance Studio Nine Elms, a Ballroom and Latin dance school, brought additional energy to the exhibition and highlighted the organic interconnection of the different art forms. Dancers gave a dance lesson and invited everyone to join in the shared movement and fun. Flow Dance Studio, who recently opened a studio in Nine Elms, announced their work on the Young Flow Dance charity, which aims to “inspire change and empower every child and teenager to express themselves through the beautiful form of dance”.

Elena Plescenco

According to Elena Plescenco, co-owner of the dance studio, the project will help build important skills such as discipline, determination, and commitment in children. And it will also break down the persistent stigma around dancing as an expensive hobby and create dance classes “for everyone” in schools, community halls, leisure centres and other public places.

Another partner of A&J Education is a tutoring company, with high-quality educational services for students of all ages. As the company’s founder Sunny Jain explained, the company’s aims are to empower students and help them reach their full potential and instil a lifelong love of learning.

Sunny gave three pieces of advice to parents who want to help children develop their academic abilities: firstly, you need to have serious conversations with your child, secondly, read with them at least once a week and thirdly, introduce them to the many different things that surround a toddler or teenager everywhere. And the value of such advice has already been proven — it is the undeniable success of A&J Education in preparing children for the best universities in the world.

Pukka Parties carefully selected guest list and inclusion of potentially useful contacts such as vocal/ musical coaching, art & theatre educators, talent agents etc and the presentations by Flow Dance Studio and A&J Education — complemented the exhibition with an interactive experience, entertaining and rewarding for all participants, opening a further world of opportunities to the young participants and example to those in line for the next exhibits.

So overall, we can confidently say that Dancing Colours by Pukka Parties & Friends was a success and has proven a need for a real platform for children’s creativity and intellectual growth. We are excited to see Pukka Parties’ next projects in this sector, one of which is currently being developed for a launch in October 2023 — “Neuro Soul”, a new directional project full of exciting new talents, new possibilities, partners & many more surprises. To find out more and stay in the know about the plans for this you can follow: www.womansmindclub.com/neuroworkshops & Инстаграм

For further enquiries in regards to bespoke packages by FlowDance Studio, EJ Education, Pukka Parties or interest in the development of your child’s Artistic/Theatrical/Musical and Academic needs or interest in participation in similar projects such as this, please submit your enquiry to: dancingcoloursexhibition@gmail.com