Written in the Stars

‘The Secrets of Past Lives and Reincarnation’

with Ruth Nahmias and Yael Yardeni

Kabbalistic Astrology is a tool that can help us discover and understand our soul’s purpose in the physical world. Learning how the position of the planets and stars influences our souls gives us valuable insight into constructing a better life.

In this series of unique lectures on Kabbalistic Astrology, you will gain clarity on kabbalistic concepts from inspiring talks, workshops and deep meditations. Combining Kabbalistic Astrology and the insight of special guest speaker, Yael Yardeni. This course will help you better connect to your well-being, on both a physical and spiritual level. Through transformative workshops and meditations, you will experience real change and enlightenment from within.

Ruth Nahmias: ‘How to change your destiny with the Astrology signs’
Sir Isaac Newton once wrote that “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Meaning that for every cause there is an effect … Many of the things we experience today are tied in some way to our past lives. Understanding cause and effect – how past events are connected to our present – empowers us to focus on the changes we need to make to complete our spiritual journey.

In this seminar using the tools of Kabbalistic astrology, Ruth Nahmias will go through the 12 karmic paths of each Astrological Star sign and explain a deeper understanding of how past lives are intimately connected to your soul’s destiny.

Yael Yardeni: ‘The Secrets of Reincarnation’
Yael Yardeni is a licensed hypnotherapist and is visiting KC London for a special retreat, where we will gain inspirational insights into our soul’s journey from conception to death, specific reincarnation laws and difficult cases. An interactive workshop will enable us to find clues and hints about our past lives, their locations and the people in our life today. We will explore a Kabbalistic 7 Gates past life meditation to release forever our own personal karma!

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Thursday, June 20, 2019

The Kabbalah Centre London,

12 Stratford Place,

London W1C 1BB