Светская жизнь

A Night of Fashion

Over a 100 people visited the two-day event hosted by a new London based costume jewellery brand Eshvi and a Russian designer Yulia Safin brand ICON on May 12-13, 2013 in Mayfair.  Eshvi and Yulia Safin presented their Autumn-Winter 2013 collections with a roaring success. The evening wear presented by Yulia was a perfect complement to Eshvi’s debut collection. The event attracted the most glamorous Russian fashionistas and socialites who described the Eshvi pieces as ‘’on-trend’’, ‘’fun’’ and ‘’versatile’’. The demand for the jewellery very quickly exceeded the supply and the feedback has encouraged the Eshvi team to host such events bi-annually. Please visit www.eshvi.co.uk to browse and purchase the collection.

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